BlitzCoin is a new online virtual currency that can be used to buy goods and services online from any online merchant that accepts BlitzCoin as a payment method. BlitzCoin only exists online and is stored on a virtual card / e-wallet called a BlitzCard.

Online merchants that accept BlitzCoin as a payment method never have to collect user information on their site since that information is encrypted on a person's BlitzCard. This makes it very safe for people to shop online with confidence that their information is not going to be compromised. It also speeds up checkout times for the consumer as well as the merchant.


BlitzCoin is a very secure way to make purchases online. When a person uses BlitzCoin to make an online purchase, they have to enter or copy / paste their BlitzCard number,  no other information is needed. BlitzCard uses cryptography to secure the user's account number and information and changes the account number every time a transaction is made.  BlitzCard has protocols in place to prevent fraud and limits imposed to prevent money laundering, so the process is secure and safe from start to finish.
Buying and Selling BlitzCoins

BlitzCoins can be purchased using a variety of methods including checking account (e-check), credit card or BlitzPack Voucher (cash). Since BlitzCoins only exist online, they are stored on virtual card / e-wallet called a BlitzCard. As of right now there are limits to the amount of BlitzCoin that can be purchased on a monthly basis. BlitzCoin can be 'sold' back for US dollars through the BlitzCard website or other BlitzCoin exchange websites.
BlitzCoin Comparison to Other Virtual Currencies

Although BlitzCoin shares some of the same qualities as many of the other cyrpto-currencies such as the most popular one called Bitcoin, they are not the same. The common complaints about many of the virtual currencies out there today is how complicated it is to wrap your head around the concept, not to mention the volatile nature of these currencies. BlitzCoin is straight forward and easy to understand. There is no mining, block chains or software to download and the value of BlitzCoin never changes. BlitzCoin was not designed to be held for investment or anything like that, it was designed to make online shopping faster, safer and more secure without risking your personal information.
Legal Status

It is completely legal to purchase and use BlitzCoins for online transactions with any merchant that accepts BlitzCoin as a method of payment.
Acceptance by Merchants

Because BlitzCoin is still in it's infancy, there are only a few merchants on board right now that accept BlitzCoin as a method of payment, but the list will continue to grow as BlitzCoin gains popularity. As of this update, the merchants that accept BlitzCoin are Big-Brain Tees (T-shirts For Geeks), Poker Zombie, Card Coverz & SharkzWear Poker Clothing & Accessories.